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Dobet Gnahore
Côte d'Ivoire

There are some voices that only need a couple of minutes to put the public under their spell. Dobet Gnahoré has one of those voices. Concerts: Trinity Center Bristol 28th, Rich Mix London on 29th september

“There are some voices that only need a couple of minutes to put the public under their spell.
Dobet Gnahoré has one of those voices.”
Dobet Gnahoré, a singer, dancer and percussionist from the Ivory Coast, inherited the force of the
“Bété“ tradition from her father, Boni Gnahoré, a master percussionist who plays with the
Abidjan"based Ki"Yi Mbock Company, directed by Werewere Liking. In this artistic collective
Dobet learned music, dans, theatre during several years.
It was within this Ivory Coast"based company that Dobet met French guitarist Colin Laroche de
Féline, who went there to immerse himself in African melodies and rhythms.
Having spent some time in the well"known Tché Tché dance company, Dobet decided with
Colin (in 1999) to form a twosome, Ano Neko, which means “Let’s create together“ in Bété
2000 The twosome toured widely in France (1999"2000) and, like suggested by Ray Lema &
Lokua Kanza, she recorded her first songs in Paris
2001 They took part in MASA (famous African Arts Market in Abijan) and, while they were
there, they recorded eight songs under the supervision of the late Marcellin Yacé, who was killed
during the first day of rioting in the autumn of 2002.
2003 their artistic project refocused on Dobet Gnahoré’s name and expanded when a backup
vocalist and a percussionist joined the duo.
2004 The label Contre"Jour produced her first album entitled “Ano Neko“, making the link
with Dobet and Colin’s story.
2006 Dobet took part at the project « Acoustic Africa »! with Habib Koite (from Mali) and
Vusi Mahalasela (from South Africa) and was touring in Europe & Usa
2007 Release of the second album of Dobet Gnahore « Na Afriki » (My Africa)
2009 Dobet is invited by Angelique Kidjo for a tribute to famous South African singer
Myriam Makeba with Rokia Traoré, Asha, Ayo, Sayon Bamba and Vusi mahlasela.
2010 In January, Dobet won a Grammy Award with the US singer India!Arie!for the remix
of her song "Palea",track of the album "Na Afriki".
2 months later,Dobet released her 3rd album,"Djekpa la you"(children of the world)
eand does continue of touring around the world with a total of more than 500 concerts in
6 years
2012" 2013 Dobet took part to a new Acoustic Africa version with Manou Gallo and
Kareyce Fotso with tours in West Africa, US & European
2014 Release of her 4th album « Na Drê »
On stage,her voice,her charisma and her huge presence, the result of several years theatrical and
choreographic work, has great audience appeal.


2014 - Na Drê
Contre Jour

2010 - Djekpa la You
Contre Jour

2007 - Na Afriki
Contre Jour

2004 - Music from the Chocolate Lands

2004 - Ano Neko
Contre Jour


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Festival au Fil des Voix - L'Alhambra
Baara (le travail)